Spikey Critters Hedgehog Care


Spikey Critters Hedgehog Care is only a small organisation,  caring for sick, injured, abandoned and autumn juvenile hedgehogs.  We originally set up the Rescue to provide accommodation and care for approx. 20 hedgehogs at any one time ... this figure didn't last long though and each year we have over-wintered an increasing number of Autumn Juveniles.  During the Winter of 2017/18, between ourselves and 8 Foster Carers, we over-wintered 76 hedgehogs and took in a total of 150 throughout the year, from Jan-Dec. We would never turn an animal in need away and if we were unable to provide a place for it to stay here, whilst receiving treatment, we would find an alternative Carer to take it in.  We provide our care on a voluntary basis, we are not yet a registered charity, and are totally self funded ...... everything is paid for from my own salary, and the kind donations made by members of the public. 

 The hedgehogs referred to throughout this website are wild European Hedgehogs (Erinaceus Europaeus) only.

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